When you think of romantic destinations, Italy probably comes to mind quite quickly. Known as the romance capital of the world, couples taking a second honeymoon are often drawn to Italy’s enchanting cities, rich culture, fabulous cuisine, and beautiful coasts. Start your days with decadent pastries and coffees, then take in the historical sites and art. Follow it up with a stroll around a medieval-hill-town as you enjoy your new daily gelato fix, enjoy a leisurely meal of pasta, seafood, crusty bread, wine, and artichokes, snuggle close on a dusk gondola ride, and enjoy coffee-laced kisses.

Perhaps people watching and pizza is more your style? This is still the perfect place for you. Find a table at a sidewalk cafe along a canal or street and grab a thin crust slice. Ready to do some serious shopping? Head to Milan and enjoy some of the best fashion in the world. If you’re a fan of the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun,” a visit to picturesque Positano is sure to please with its mild climate year-round, cobbled alleys, beautiful churches, artisan shops, and pebble beach. Enjoy a drive in the countryside to take in the rich scents of the lemon and olive groves.

If you’re hoping to enjoy the beaches and swimming pools, plan your visit between April and October for most of Italy. Sicily is perfect for a fall or winter visit since it enjoys warm weather year-round. November through March are perfect for enjoying the sites with smaller crowds.

Ready to plan your trip, be sure to get your passport and check the travel alerts and warnings from the US Department of State. It’s also good idea to add the Hotline for American Travelers: 1-888-407-4747 to your phone and pack it in your luggage along with the URL for the US Department of State’s travel page http://www.state.gov/travel/ in case of emergency.