Is a Trunk Show the Same as a Sample Sale?

|||Is a Trunk Show the Same as a Sample Sale?

Is a Trunk Show the Same as a Sample Sale?Q. Is a Trunk Show the Same as a Sample Sale?
A. No. A trunk show is like a fashion show, where the designer brings his or her latest collection to a special event and models may show off the dresses. You may be able to book a personal consultation with the designer to discuss having them make changes to a dress or design a custom one for you. If you buy the day of the show, you often get a small discount of around 10 percent. The dresses in the show are normally not for sale. Your dress would be made-to-order.

A sample sale features dresses that have been on display and tried on in retail stores or that have been worn in fashion shows for sale at discounts up to 90 percent off. You should expect to find.Typically, there are a wide variety of gowns in limited sizes and discontinued styles to choose from. Dresses are sold “as is,” and you won’t be able to return it if you find any tears, marks, or other imperfections. However, this may be your opportunity to find a couture designer dress that’s within your budget. Sample sales tend to be hectic and crowded because of the large number of women eager to find their dream dress at the right price.

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