How far in advance should I shop for my dress?Q. How far in advance should I shop for my dress?
A. That all depends on if you are planning on wearing a traditional wedding gown or a ready-to-wear dress for your vow renewal. Obviously, if you’ve opted for a ready-to-wear dress, you can purchase it whenever you find the perfect one – be it months or days ahead of your vow renewal. On the other hand, if you want a traditional custom wedding gown, you should plan on selecting a dress nine to twelve months before your vow renewal as you’ll need to allow up to six months for fittings and alterations. Remember, custom wedding dresses require a lot of customizing to fit you perfectly.

If your vow renewal is just a few months away, you can still purchase a custom gown. Many designers can turn a dress around more quickly when needed, but if you have less than six months, get out there and find a dress right away and try to be flexible about your choice.