Holding your vow renewal at your home is a wonderful way to have a very personal, lovely celebration. When using your home as your venue, you will need to make sure you include the following seven things in your planning.


Take an honest look at your home and yard. Make a list of any improvements you would need or want to make before holding your celebration at your home. Then put prices and a timeline to completing them.

Next, think about the style of vow renewal you want. How much additional decor will you need to bring in? You may want to tent the backyard and string it with lights for a more formal vow renewal. If you are holding the ceremony indoors, you may want to create a backdrop of flowers and trees around the fireplace.


The size of your guest list may exceed the number of tables, chairs, linens, silverware, glassware, and plates that you have in your home. If so, the list of things you need to rent will be long and costly. Take careful stock of your personal inventory before placing rental orders!


You’ll need to get familiar with your utility panel and the location of your indoor and outdoor outlets. Check with your caterer, band or DJ, and event lighting coordinator to get details on their power needs. If your home can’t naturally meet their needs, you’ll need to bring in generators.


You’ll need enough bathrooms to keep your guests from having to spend all of their time in line for the restroom. If you are inviting more than 50 guests, you’ll need to consider renting a portable toilet.


Unless you live where there is a lot of parking available nearby for your guests, you will need to hire a valet company. You will also need to make arrangements for a location that can handle the overflow parking.

Restricted Areas

While your main celebration may be being held in the rear yard, guests tend to wander. You will need to close or lock doors to off-limits rooms, rope off floors of your home or places that you don’t want guests in, and mark the restrooms clearly.


Rental and decor costs tend to result in a celebration that costs more than one held in a more traditional event venue. You’ll need to make sure your budget is large enough to handle the additional costs of typical venue inclusions. Unless your vow renewal is very intimate and relatively casual, you can expect to include things like tables, chairs, restrooms, and parking in your budget.

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