How can we save money on photography?Q. How can we save money on photography?
A. The prices for photographers and photography packages vary greatly, so you should be able to find someone who offers a package within your budget. First, decide what kind of shots you want to be taken. The ceremony, reception, or both? Posed, candid, or a mix? Color, black and white, sepia, or a mix? Once you determine how important your vow renewal photos are to you, you can start searching for the right photographer. Take some time and shop around until you find a photographer who offers the style of photos you want taken in your budget. If your budget is tight, skip the fancy album and go with only the photos themselves. Also, student photographers often offer excellent creative skills at very reasonable prices, plus you might be able to get them to give you the digital files and negatives.

Hot Tip: Make sure you get references and see a variety of their recent work. If the cost seems too low to be true, be cautious. Also, never pay in full before you see the final images or you may find it impossible to get a full or partial refund if they do not turn out as expected.