How Can We Plan Our Vow Renewal Quickly?Q. How Can We Plan Our Vow Renewal Quickly?

A. Whatever the reason is that you want to plan your vow renewal quickly, rest assured it can be done in a matter of a few weeks.  The trick to successfully planning any kind of big party on a short timeline is to establish your budget and then focus on your main priorities including the date, location, guest list, and vendors.

Once you’ve set your budget, make your guest list. You need to decide on how many people will be invited so you know what kind of venue you will need. Next up it to make a list of possible dates – be sure to include Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as options if possible and avoid holidays. Popular venues tend to fill up a year or more in advance, so if the site you want is unavailable, be flexible with your options. On a short timeline, you might also luck out and be able to grab a great venue that had a cancellation.  You might also consider your own or a friend’s backyard, community center, or smaller hotel and forgo the conventional church and hotel. It’s also good to be flexible with times since you might find Saturday morning an option while the evening is booked up.

Once you’ve secured your location and set the time, get your invitations sent out so you can give guests as much notice as possible.  If you purchase easy DIY invitation kits, you can avoid any printing delays!

Vendors are the next priority on your list.  Skip endless meetings with caterers, bakers, DJs, florists, and photographers and start with personal recommendations from trusted friends or other vendors.  Ask to see portfolios and for customer recommendations. Keep your decor, cake, and catering visions as simple as possible to simplify the selection process.

Next, you will need to find someone to act as officiant.  Since a vow renewal isn’t a legal ceremony, you can use anyone you want from a member of the clergy to a judge to a friend or family member.  Remember, if opting for a friend or family member, you will need to plan in some time to prepare the ceremony wording with them!

Once all the major pieces are in order, it’s time to select something for the two of you to wear.  Make a day of it and hit the major department stores, off-the-rack bridal shops like David’s Bridal, and formal wear rental shops in your area.  You should be able to find something easily if you keep your options open!  Wrap up the day with a quick trip to the accessory and shoe departments or shops.

Finally, don’t worry about the little details. The day is about you and your spouse renewing your commitment to one another in the company of your family and friends. Chances are no one will even notice if there aren’t any fancy favors, intricate centerpieces, or even programs.