How can I save money on vow renewal accessories?

|||How can I save money on vow renewal accessories?

How can I save money on vow renewal accessories?Q. How can I save money on vow renewal accessories?
A. The accessories for your vow renewal don’t have to be expensive. You have lots of options from borrowing jewelry, selecting costume jewelry, or skipping it all together. As for shoes, as long as they coordinate with your dress and are comfortable, it doesn’t matter if you picked them up at Payless or they are Manolo Blahnik. When it comes to accessories for your hair, veils are generally not worn for a vow renewal, so flowers, jeweled headband, or a broach make a nice accent; all which can be bought, borrowed or made.

Jewelry Tips:

  • Borrowing. They always said it was good luck to wear something borrowed for a wedding, so why not apply it to your vow renewal? Ask your family and friends if you can borrow jewelry that you admire. Plus, vintage jewelry is very popular right now and can lend an added dimension to your overall look.
  • Costume Jewelry. You can get costume jewelry today that looks as fabulous as real diamonds or precious gemstones. Be sure to check out accessory stores in the local mall, as well as, local bridal boutiques and department stores for faux diamond and pearl earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.
  • Put it all on, then take off one piece. It’s an old rule of thumb, but endlessly appropriate. When we want to get all dressed up, we tend to overdo it. If you’ve selected a dress for your vow renewal that has beautiful beading, rhinestones, or lace, keep your jewelry minimal, so the focus is on the detailing of the dress. Feel free to skip the necklace and only wear earrings!
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