Can you uninvite a guest?

|||Can you uninvite a guest?

Can you uninvite a guest?Q. Can you uninvite a guest?
A. Yes, if you plan on completely terminating your relationship with them and are ok with having them badmouth you to everyone. Otherwise, no.  While some people will suggest that it is possible to uninvite a guest if you explain the situation, it rarely goes well.  You’re better off cutting out a detail or two in your plans or scaling back in some other area than the number of guests.

You can save yourself some trouble by only sending out save-the-date cards to those people that you absolutely want to attend. Save-the-dates indicate that a wedding invitation is on the way, and the recipient will be expecting it to arrive. It is always possible they will call if it doesn’t or even just show up unexpected.

If you find yourself in budget trouble, work with your vendors to make some changes to things like switching from an open bar to a limited one or even cash if you must, switch out more expensive side dishes for simpler ones, eliminate desserts other than the actual wedding cake, and forgo some of the other extra touches that are nice, but unnecessary.

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