Just as important as the moment you’ll share with each other when you renew your vows, are the people who will be there with you as witnesses to that moment. Whether you’re renewing your vows after one year or fifty, it is the presence of the people who have graced your life that can make your day even more special to you. You might even want to include your original bridal party members.

Selecting Your Vow Renewal GuestsDuring the time between your wedding day and today, chances are your family and circle of friends has grown. Looking back at your wedding, you may have wished for a family together. Now, your children and perhaps even grandchildren are with you. Your family has grown over the years with your children’s’ spouses and their families and new friends, clients, colleagues, and neighbors have come into your life. While this started out about your love for each other, it probably has quickly become clear that this celebration is bigger than the two of you. All of these people have played a part in your love story.

Take a moment to reflect on the friends and family who have been there for the two of you, who helped you through hard times, who saved the day with timely advice, or laughed with you. No marriage is an island unto itself. It is nourished by everyone around you in some way. Take the opportunity to thank them for all they’ve added to your life and your partnership by sharing your special day with them.