Medieval Theme Vow Renewal

A Day Fit for a King and Queen

If you’re looking for a unique vow renewal theme, a medieval theme might be just what you’re looking for. It can be the epitome of elegance or the cheesiest theme you can imagine – it’s all in the details. Keep in mind, if you’re thinking of going with this theme, you can pick and choose from medieval elements or go all out from the location to the attire and food.

So what’s really so wonderful about a medieval themed vow renewal? It brings with it an inherent air of romance and classic appeal. Plus:

  • It gives your “knight in shining armor” a chance to sweep you off your feet again
  • It has a feeling of royal elegance with the rich fabrics and colors of the period
  • It’s really unique when it comes to vow renewal themes
  • It can be very budget friendly

Medieval Theme VenueThe Venue
While you don’t need to find an actual castle for your venue, it would be completely amazing. If you want to go all out, you could also have a destination vow renewal at a European location with a castle or old mansion as the backdrop or with the beautiful mountains of New Zealand as your surroundings. Realistically, though, if you want an indoor venue, a traditional, Gothic style church made of stone complete with stain glass, pews, and stone floors would be lovely. If you prefer an outdoor venue, a vineyard or venue in the hills with a scenic view would be perfect. You might also consider a local or regional Renaissance Fair.

The Colors

For a medieval-themed vow renewal, everything should be ornate with a Middle or Dark Age feel. Start by picking a color palette that compliments this style such as gold and purple which symbolize royalty and were popular combination during the period. Other excellent options include combinations of forest/dark green, raspberry, burgundy, navy blue, charcoal gray, and black.

The Invitations

Look for or create your own vow renewal invitations with a castle or family crest on them. You can also opt for a pure text design using a script font with a Middle or Dark Ages feel. These should be printed on a heavy parchment type paper. Include announcement language such as “Hear Ye, Hear Ye” to set the tone for your celebration. Finally, delight your guests by addressing them with classic titles such as “Lord and Madam” or “Sir.”


Medieval Theme FlowersFor a medieval vow renewal, you will want to include a variety of herbs in your bouquet and arrangements in keeping with traditions of the time. Herbs played a significant role in both religious and mystical beliefs regarding both health and destiny. Mix your favorite red, yellow, orange, purple, hand tiedand green flowers with herbs such as rosemary, basil, thyme, and even garlic.

Bouquets should be large and overflowing – appearing as rustic and natural as poshand-tied bouquet of Parrot tulips, red roses, amaryllis, Gloriosa lilies, ivy, holly branches or birch twigs, and your favorite herbs would be both stunning and ideal for the celebration.

The Attire

Your attire could really set the scene – just imagine having your guests walk into a ceremony where the two of you are dressed like a king and queen, and your attendants are dressed as knights and ladies. If it will be just the two of you, a period velvet dress in hunter green, burgundy, wine, or deep purple would be the perfect option for you while your husband could wear tights, breeches, a tunic or pirate shirt, laced vest, and boots. You’ll want to check with the better costume shops to find genuine cotton outfits, gold lacing, velvet capes and dresses, leather accessories, and so on. The cheaper costumes that can be found online will take you down that path to a cheesy medieval theme. If your budget allows, have the staff dress in period clothing as well. Get creative and carry your theme through to valet parking staff, ushers, musicians, and even officiant.

Ladies should adorn their hair with wreaths of flowers and ribbons and wear it flowing loosely.

Medieval Theme ChurchThe Ceremony

To enhance the medieval feel of your vow renewal ceremony, you will want to select either and outdoor venue or traditional church. To enhance the atmosphere, find opportunities to set the scene with candles, stone structures, ivy vines and grapevine wreaths, white flowers, large baskets of flowers, flowered garlands, swords and armor, shields, banners of family crests, and so on.

Medieval Theme EntertainmentWelcome your guests with a harpist, Troubadours, or Minstrels serenading them with festive music.

Write your own vows using period language or be inspired by our Sample Vows for a Renaissance Theme Vow Renewal.

The Reception

Your reception is probably the easiest place to add a medieval influence to. Start by decorating the tables with gilded, ornate, and decorative tablecloths in rich colors and fabrics. Top them with wooden or gold chargers, lush centerpieces, real silver utensils, and wooden or pewter inspired dinnerware. Provide romantic lighting with a variety of candles on the tables.

If you want to replicate the concept of a medieval feast, keep in mind that they were served in courses and each course was like a meal in itself. If you don’t have enough people to do the serving, you can opt to serve the meal buffet style or even family style with passed plates. Let your menu truly carry out your theme by selecting options such as rustic meats, dried fruits, meat and fruit pastries, common fruits like apples and pears, and rustic salad all focused on herbs and spices. Although people typically ate with their hands, a spoon, and a small knife the size of a steak knife, it would be appropriate to use forks at your vow renewal if you like since they were used by royalty and the very wealthy. Instead of a bar, you could serve guests a selection of ale, beer, milk, wine, and water in pewter or wooden glasses.

There was typically entertainment to keep guests engaged and entertained, during and between the courses. To truly transport your guests to a different time, you might hire jugglers, a court jester, and/or acrobats dressed in period costumes to perform during the meal. You could also check with organizers of your local renaissance festival to find a medieval entertainment group for hire to provide entertainment for your guests.

Medieval Theme Vow Renewal Ideas

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re wanting to go all out and recreate an entire medieval gala or incorporate only a few elements of the theme into your vow renewal ceremony and reception, it will surely be an event to remember. Remember, it’s all about the two of you and what you feel is special. This is your day, create the perfect romantic atmosphere to renew your vows!