10 Creative Ways To Use Balloons In Your Vow Renewal Decor

Add elegance and fun to your vow renewal with balloons.

You can’t deny it; balloons say party! Your vow renewal is the perfect time to make use of these party classics. They can be used to add much-needed color and texture to a space or simply add an element of fun. They’re perfect, no matter your age.

From classic concepts like the giant bunch seen in Disney’s movie ‘Up’ to Charles Pétillon’s art installation in London’s Covent Garden, the potential for the use of balloons is almost endless. To help you figure out how to make them work with your vow renewal style vision, we assembled a collection of inspiring examples. These go far beyond the classic of tying balloons at the celebration space entrance to artsy uses like statement walls, ceiling accents, and centerpieces. To get your creativity flowing, here are a few concepts to get you thinking before we explore the photos:

  • Add texture and color to your pictures by carrying a bunch or train of balloons.
  • Add height to your long tables by placing oversized balloons randomly down the center. To hide the strings, substitute fishing line for the classic ribbon and wrapped it in foliage.
  • Create a stunning garland by mixing mini balloons in varying shades with flowers and greenery.
  • Create visual impact with a wall covered in a single color of balloons in varying sizes.
  • Accent your dessert table with varying sizes of balloons in one or two colors.
  • Mark the entrance to your ceremony and reception areas with giant cascades of balloons paired with fun welcome signs.
  • Give your flower girls a couple of big, tasseled balloons to carry instead of a basket of flower petals.
  • Cover oversized balloons in black tulle to add a gothic touch that’s perfect for a Halloween vow renewal. When allowed to float at different heights over tables covered in black linens or lounge-style seating, they deliver just the right dark yet romantic feel you’re looking for.
  • Line the walkway between the ceremony and reception spaces with an abundance of balloons in your color palette. Anchor with strings covered in greenery to ensure they stay put.
  • Rows of floating balloons can be used to replace traditional floral centerpieces. Anchor them in place with bud vases filled with greenery for a fresh look.

Now that you can imagine the potential for using balloons at your vow renewal let’s take a look at some great real-life examples. Browse through this gallery of 10 inspiring examples to find one that feels perfect for your vow renewal.