Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Vow Renewal ReceptionsThe two of you feel most at home outdoors, so it should be no surprise that you’ve selected to hold your vow renewal reception outdoors.  When it comes to decorating what Mother Nature has provided, it’s best to focus on special touches that will emphasize that natural beauty and make your guest comfortable.

If you’re planning an evening reception, lighting is an essential decorating element.  There are several excellent options to create the perfect ambiance for your reception.

  • White twinkle lights are a wonderful way to bring the stars closer.  Twine them through trees, along fences, and through railings. They are perfect for both casual and elegant events.
  • Chinese lanterns are another wonderful way to add color during the early evening and then create a beautiful, flattering light as the sun sets.
  • If you’re planning a beach, tropical, or casual party theme, the flickering light of tiki torches will create just the right atmosphere.
  • Candles in abundance will add both a romantic touch to your reception and provide excellent soft light.  Mix pillar and votive candles on guest tables for beautiful and functional centerpieces.

Create unique centerpieces for your theme by taking a walk down memory lane.  Draw inspiration from your favorite summer memories spent at the beach, in your grandmother’s garden, picnicking at the lake, or relaxing at your favorite outdoor bistro.

  • For a casual look, fill galvanized buckets or watering cans with daisies or wildflowers.
  • Vases filled with citrus fruits and tall grasses and lit with flora lights make for sophisticated centerpieces.
  • Potted flowering plants are another great option, plus they can then be planted in your garden.
  • Glass blocks stacked on top of flora lights make for a modern twist on the traditional centerpiece.
  • For a beach theme, purchase or make candles in large, shallow shells, such as clam shells.

Other Special Touchesvow-renewal-ceremony-reception-outdoors-tents

Decorating can extend to your guests themselves and even the absence of unwanted elements.  Here are a few other ideas to make your reception perfect.

  • Bug spray as decor?  The absence of unwanted pests will go far in keeping your guests’ attention on the party rather than wanting to make an early departure.
  • If your guests will be walking on soft grass or the beach, consider providing flip flops or and/or a “shoe check.” Make sure to have a bench, large mat, and a basket of wet and dry wipes standing by at the end of the reception so your guests can wipe off their feet before leaving.
  • If your reception will take part early in the day, provide a basket of sample size bottles of sunscreen to keep guests from leaving with an unwanted sunburn.