Thinking about renewing your wedding vows? What are you waiting for?

Gone are the days where wedding vow renewals were reserved for those celebrating 25 and 50 years of marriage. We live in a world today where 34% of marriages end in divorce, and 33% of them end before ten years, so we absolutely should be celebrating marriages that make it through tough times earlier in the relationship. Today, it’s quite common for couples to renew their vows at any significant point in their lives including following the birth of a child, after a particularly difficult time in their relationship or lives, at significant anniversaries for them including one, five, and ten years, or even shortly after their first legal ceremony (for a variety of reasons including military service).

Renewing your vows is a wonderful way to tell your spouse how much they are loved and appreciated, and that you are even more committed to your relationship today than the day you were married. There are so many things that tend to get in the way – work, family, kids, health issues, money – take a moment and make your relationship a priority again. A wedding vow renewal is an amazing way to recommit and reconnect with your spouse whether it is your 1st anniversary or your 50th; there’s a reason they’re also known as recommitment ceremonies.

Need one more reason? Planning a vow renewal is simple as you want. All you require is your spouse, someone to proceed over the ceremony, and love.

Your vow renewal can be as simple or grand as you want! Things to think about:

Choose the Perfect Vow Renewal Location

Where do you see yourself saying “I do” all over again? How about the church where you were married? Perhaps your own backyard? What about the park where you spend summer evenings playing with the kids? Maybe that fabulous hotel downtown? Or perhaps somewhere exotic or fun? Be creative!

Inviting Guests and Participants

Do you want a small, intimate wedding vow renewal with family and friends? Or perhaps a grand event?

Do you want attendants? Still best friends with your maid of honor and best man? How about having your children stand up with you?

There are no rules, so make it as big or small as you like.


Ladies, what will you wear? Do you see yourself in something fun and flirty, soft and flowing, traditional bridal, or casual? It’s your day! Spend plenty of time choosing your vow renewal dress.

Guys, this is your chance to show off your personal style!

The Vow Renewal Ceremony

Bring together the perfect elements and words to celebrate your love. Find great ways to involve your children.

Music for Your Wedding Vow Renewal

Do you want to use the same music you were married to or choose a new favorite? For most people, music, and memories are tied together. There are lots of moments in your ceremony to place your favorite music, the soundtrack of your life. Prelude, processional, interlude, postlude, recessional, dinner, cake cutting, first dance….

Capture the Memories in Photos

Hire a photographer to capture the pictures of your vow renewal that you and your family will cherish for years to come. Take advantage of unique perspectives of guests!


Celebrate with your family and friends at a reception or party after the ceremony. Dancing? Alcohol? Food? Decor? Cake? Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Don’t say maybe – just do it!

Don’t give a second thought to what anyone else might say or think. Tell the world that your both have two feet firmly planted and you are committed to your relationship. Stand proud and tall and announce to everyone in your life that you still love and still cherish your spouse! Take the opportunity to say all those things to your spouse that often go unsaid during trying times and make sure they know how much your appreciate and love them. Plus, what greater gift can you give your children than to see you declare your love for each other and them? Have them participate in your vow renewal! Don’t say “maybe next year.” Don’t wait for your 25th anniversary. Remember, it doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. All you really require is your spouse, someone to proceed over the ceremony, and love. Just do it.

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