Who says you can only celebrate your love for each other once? Wedding Vow Renewal Parties are the new anniversary party! They are the perfect way to reaffirm your love for each other in the company of your closest family and friends.

Celebrities, like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, Heidi Klum and Seal, and Fergie and Josh Duhamel, are amongst the many to partake in this celebration. They put together creative, fun, romantic parties to celebrate their love for each other once again.

Whether you opt for an intimate gathering at your home or an elaborate, themed party in a grand ballroom, your Wedding Vow Renewal is bound to be a success!

Here are some suggestions on how to plan your own Wedding Vow Renewal Party.

Invitations for your Wedding Vow Renewal

Modify your original wedding invitation.
If you’re having a formal vow renewal, your invitations should reflect a traditional wedding invitation, but since you are renewing your vows, it does not have to be quite as formal as the original one. Try mirroring your invitation on traditional white stationery with a black script font.

If you are going to make your party themed, make sure that your invitation follows the theme of your party.
For example, if you are going to throw a theatrical costume party, customize your invitation in a fun and creative way to get your guests excited about the theme of your party!

Guest List for Your Wedding Vow Renewal

Unlike your original wedding, vow renewal parties tend to be more private and intimate. Your guest list should consist of your close family members and friends. For larger galas, you might also invite business associates and a wider group of friends.

Location for Your Wedding Vow Renewal

  • At Home. Having your Wedding Vow Renewal party at home is generally easy and convenient. If you have a backyard, create an altar and decorate your lawn with an aisle, chairs, and flowers to create the atmosphere of a wedding ceremony.
  • Your favorite hotel. Many luxury hotels commonly have special areas specifically designated for hosting parties and celebrating events. Think locally or destination!
  • The Great Outdoors. Whether you prefer the wilderness person or beach, celebrating the renewal of your vows in your favorite outdoors location will enhance the setting of your party. Selecting a location significant to both you and your spouse adds a special touch to your wedding vow renewal.
  • Hot Tip – If you want to have a more intimate vow renewal ceremony with fewer guests, yet a big party, opt for having your ceremony in one location and your party in a new location. This makes it easier have a private ceremony with just your closest family and friends, and then you can spend the rest of the night dancing away with the rest of your guests at a fun after party!

Setting the Date for Your Wedding Vow Renewal

Some couples prefer to have their wedding vow renewal on the anniversary of their actual wedding day, but it’s certainly not a requirement. If you were a winter bride, it might be great fun to have a summer vow renewal and vice versa. It’s also completely up to you to decide the year in which you choose to renew your vows. Celebrities have recently started renewing their vows after one year (which may be a notable accomplishment given their occupation), however it is common for couples to select a fifth, tenth, or twentieth anniversary.

Attire and Decorations for Your Wedding Vow Renewal

  • The Dress. The dress that the wife wears for a vow renewal can be as formal or informal as she like, or even the original wedding dress. If you do not wish to wear a floor length gown, opt for a fancy white or colored cocktail dress or evening gown instead.
  • Flowers. As on your wedding day, the flowers that you select for your vow renewal are completely up to you. Have as many or as few as you like. Flowers tend to lend a romantic feeling to any location.
  • The Bouquet and Boutonniere. The bouquet and boutonniere that the couple selects for their vow renewal should be symbolic of the love that the couple has for one another. Your local florist can share the meaning of different flowers with you to lend a message to your selection. Feel free to toss the bouquet to get your guests involved in the celebration as well!
  • The Ceremony Altar. If you haven’t opted for a house of worship for your vow renewal, you might want to create a pseudo-altar by designating a specific spot in front of a setting of chairs where you and your spouse will renew your vows in front of your guests. An arch decorated with flowers makes a beautiful setting.
  • Pets and Children Including your children and/or pets in the celebration can be a nice touch. Children can be included as junior attendants, flower girls, ring bearers, or in special ceremonies such as the unity candle or sand ceremony. Pets can be dressed up and act as flower girls or ring bearers.

Menu for your Wedding Vow Renewal

  • Cake. The cake that you serve at your vow renewal party can be like a traditional wedding cake or less formal such as a tower of cupcakes or even several smaller cakes.
  • Champagne. The champagne toast is an essential part of a vow renewal party! Just like at an actual wedding, the champagne toast at a vow renewal party should be dedicated to the couple and should reflect their love and dedication to one another. If your preference is to have a nonalcoholic celebration, opt for sparkling cider!
  • Hot Tip -To add a special touch to the cake you are serving at your vow renewal party, use the original cake topper from your original wedding cake on your vow renewal cake.

Gifts and Favors for a Wedding Vow Renewal

Skip the gift registry, it’s not appropriate for a vow renewal. Let guests know that simply having the people closest in your life around for this occasion will be the perfect gift!

Favors are not necessary for a vow renewal, but if you would like to give guests a fun memento to remember your party feel free.