Capturing special moments and creating memories

While we’d never suggest you skip hiring a professional photographer or videographer to capture the special moments of your vow renewal and use cell phones and disposable cameras instead, they can be great options for capturing candid photos throughout the event. Here are some great ways to capture the moments that a professional might not be privy to.

  • Give your attendants and/or helpers disposable cameras and ask them to snap away as they get ready on the day of your vow renewal. You can also put disposable cameras on every reception table and invite guests to get in on the action and capture candid moments. This is such a great way to see your celebration from their perspective.
  • Create a framed guest book. Have your wedding picture or a more current one of the two of you printed in an XL or large format and have it matted on archival card stock. As guests arrive, ask them to sign the matted border. Once the picture is framed, you’ll have a guest book to hang on the wall to remember this most special day.
  • Make it easy for guests to share photos they have taken with you. Create a station with a helper and laptop and variety of transfer cables to make it easy for guests to give you photos before they leave the reception. You can also give out cards with an email address that guests can send photos to or share the link to or photo service where they can upload them.
  • Looking for a creative way to use the hundreds of pictures from your disposable cameras? Create a photo collage and frame it. Simply trim the edges of snapshots and use spray adhesive to mount them on heavy cardstock. Frame it for a great keepsake.
  • Create a photo quilt. Chances are your local photocopy store can make fabric transfers out of photographs. Transfer a dozen of your best shots onto fabric and sew them together for a personal wall-hanging.

You can also mix and match photos from your professional photographer with those from guests to create a really personal album.

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