How to Write the Perfect Thank You NoteWhile gifts are not expected for a vow renewal, guests often opt to treat you to something special. In return you should treat them to a sincere, handwritten thank you note. Creating the perfect thank you note really is as simple as pairing common sense with good old-fashioned etiquette. To help you create memorable, gracious, and sincere thank you notes for your vow renewal that leaves the recipients feeling delighted we’ve compiled a few tips.

When To Send

Like any thank you note, you should send one for a vow renewal gift as soon as possible after receiving it. If the gift was sent, it would let the giver know you received it. You really need to get you thank you notes sent out within two to three weeks after receipt of a gift. If you have some seriously good reason, you can send one up to eight weeks after you receive it – and no – simply being very busy doesn’t count.

Note: If you sent a gift to someone, and months have gone by without acknowledgment, it is perfectly acceptable to write a note or call to see if the person received the package. After all, if it was lost in the mail, or the store never sent it, you need to know.

Choosing Stock

Start your note off with a great first impression by selecting lovely paper with a good weight. You’ll want a 28-30 lb. card stock that has been folded into a note card, rather than a flat sheet. You might want to have engraved, embossed, or printed stationery made for you with your names on the cards and your address on the envelopes. Plus, these are sure to come in handy over the years!


The perfect thank you notes truly are personal and are written from the heart. When crafting your message, be sure to mention the gift, tell them how much you love it and why it’s perfect for you, and wrap up by saying how nice it was that he/she/they could share in your celebration. If they weren’t able to attend, tell them how much you wish they could have been there.

If you received a monetary gift, don’t mention the amount, or the form (cash, check, etc.). Simply say something along the lines of “Thank you for your generous gift; we plan to use it to purchase X.

Here are some tips to help you write memorable thank you notes:

  • Write legibly: As beautiful as your thoughts may be, they’re meaningless unless the recipient can read them. Again, by keeping on top of the notes, you’ll never have to do too many at once, and your penmanship will be in top form for every note.
  • Never type a thank-you note: Notes should always be handwritten.
  • Use a good pen: It’s no fun to read a thank-you note full of smeared ink blobs. Opt for black or dark blue ink, whichever looks best on your paper.
  • Send it off with style: Aside from elegant penmanship and stationery, a stylish stamp makes a thank-you letter even more delightful to open.

Getting Them Done

Since the vow renewal gifts were given to both of you, you both should work on them! Whichever one of you has the best handwriting might want to do most of the actual note writing; however, both of you should be involved in the crafting the message.

While these suggestions can point you in the right direction, you should always trust your instincts, and make the style of your thank you notes truly your own. As long as your gratitude is sincere and your message timely, your note is sure to delight.