Vow Renewal Announcement Wording Samples

Sometimes, sneaking off and renewing your vows with just the two of you can be such fun. A romantic, intimate moment for two. But perhaps you want to share news and photos from your vow renewal with your friends and family. A vow renewal announcement can be the perfect way to do just that. Here are a variety of sample vow renewal announcement ideas that you can use to inspire yours. Simply print the selected wording directly on your favorite vow renewal photo or print it on a card and include a photo or two inside!

Tropical Vow Renewal Announcement

We set sail

for a much-needed vacation,

and we retied the knot

in a tropical destination!

Skiing Vow Renewal Announcement

A skiing weekend turned into

the perfect place to say “I do still”.

So we did!

Simple Vow Renewal Announcement

Nothing fancy

Just love.

Marco & Jamie

Said “I do still” on May 22, 2018

Escape Vow Renewal Announcement

He loves her


She loves him

So they ran off together

And said “I do” again

Tighten the Knot Announcement

We tightened the knot!

We set sail for the island of Hawaii

And tightened the knot while we were away

With an intimate vow renewal

On the tenth day of May.

Formal Vow Renewal Announcement




Renewed their vows

on the sixteenth of July

two thousand eighteen

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Journey Vow Renewal Announcement

Always & Forever

In celebration of the journey

Of our life together as

Mr. and Mrs.

We set sail for the Bahamas

and renewed our vows on a

journey for two.

Sailing Vow Renewal Announcement

The adventure continues

On the fifteenth day of June,

We sailed away to the Isles of Scilly.

Surrounded by nature and

Breathtaking views,

We renewed our vows

To one another.

Intimate Vow Renewal Announcement

We do still

On the 5th of September two thousand and eighteen

At six o’clock in the afternoon,

We said “I do still”

On the beautiful island of Bali.

Although we decided to celebrate our enduring love

With just the two of us,

Please know that you were in our thoughts

And are forever in our hearts.

Alexis & Morgan

Time Vow Renewal Announcement

Time moves so quickly and so, too, does life

we wanted to stop and celebrate being husband and wife

our days were filled, our schedules too

so we ran off for a vacation and said I do still!




Renewed their vows

on March 22, 2018

San Juan, Puerto Rico