Beautiful and Budget-Conscious Invitations

Finding or creating invitations that are both beautiful and budget conscious really isn’t all that difficult, in fact, it can be quite easy with a few tips from the pros. Keep these five things in mind when looking over your options and you can find something just perfect for the two of you.

  • It’s all about the paper – Paper comes in a large variety of types and weights. The more unique the type and the thicker the paper, the higher the price. Both cotton and linen are popular choices for formal and semi formal invitations. Papers made with wood pulp are less expensive and perfectly suitable as well for both formal and informal invitations. Also, consider forgoing velum overlays, handmade papers, and colored paper or colored ink to reduce costs.
  • Standard folds – While intricate invitations with unusual sizes and shapes are delightfully unique, they come with a higher per piece cost as well as mailing cost. By sticking to the standard bifold invitation (which looks like a standard card), rather than going with a trifold (brochure-style) or gatefold invitation (two folds that open up like a French doors), you will eliminate the extra expenses related to the special production, paper stock, and envelope costs that would have been required.
  • Engraving and embossing – Both of these techniques require special processing and handling. If you absolutely want something more than flat printing, you might consider thermography. Thermography results in raised lettering and is a simpler and faster process than engraving or embossing.
  • Go green with email – While email is not appropriate for the invitations, it is fine for sending out save-the-dates and receiving RSVPs if your guests are all online. If you have guests, such as parents or grandparents who are not tech savvy, be sure to send them printed save-the-dates.
  • DIY it! – If either or both of you are creative, consider making your save-the-dates, invitations, and thank-you cards yourself. Many office supply and craft stores offer kits to get your started or you can design something uniquely yours.