Vow Renewal Dress Shopping

Every woman knows that shopping for the perfect dress is both an art and a struggle. It requires preparation and lots of patience. Check out these five tips every woman should know before she goes shopping for the second most important dress of her life!

1. Think About Your Personal Style

Before you make an appointment with a dress salon, browse the latest fashion magazines and websites to research popular dress styles so you can determine what you’re looking for in your vow renewal dress. Which silhouette is right for your body type? Check your closet for the style you favor most! Will it be A-line? Mermaid? Trumpet? Long? Sort? Are you fond of a particular neckline? V-neck? Sweetheart? Strapless? Halter? You don’t have to have your decision before hitting the stores, but it’s good to have some ideas about what you want and what you’re willing to spend.

2. Keep the Theme in Mind

Planning a formal vow renewal? Keeping it beach or garden casual? A dress that’s appropriate for a black-tie affair (floor-length, with intricate detailing) looks much different than a dress that’s perfect for fun in the sun (shorter, with lighter fabric and minimal embellishments). Plan to trim your selections down to dresses that are appropriate for your vow renewal theme. Consider the season as well. Lighter fabrics, like silk tulle, organza, and charmeuse, and tea-length skirts are fine for spring, but winter weddings call for heavier fabrics and longer lengths. It’s important to be comfortable! If possible, capture pictures of your favorite dresses and take them along shopping with you. They will help keep you focused and help sales associates find what you’re looking for.

3. Go Au Naturel

The day you’re headed to go dress shopping, ditch your usual scent and makeup. As much as you may want to look (and smell) good that day, cosmetics can stain or damage dresses you’re trying on. You’ll also want to wear an invisible or clear type deodorant or opt for a gel instead of powder.

4. Style Your Hair

As you prepare to head out shopping for your dress, be sure to style your hair in a similar style as the one you’re planning on for your vow renewal. While we’re not recommending that you book a pricey salon appointment to go shopping, keep in mind that if you try on a dress while your hair is down and love the way it looks, you might wind up unpleasantly surprised with how much the look has changed if you end up opting for an updo. Ultimately, your hairstyle, along with your accessories, will complete your vow renewal day look.

5. Go Lingerie Shopping

While there is no one bra or pair of panties that will work with every gown, if you have a pretty good idea of what you want to buy, wearing the right foundation is a plus. The look of a dress can change dramatically depending on the foundation you’re wearing.