Tips for Planning Your Destination Vow Renewal

|||Tips for Planning Your Destination Vow Renewal

Tips for Planning Your Destination Vow Renewal
Planning a destination vow renewal is typically not a last minute sort of task.  It takes a well thought out vision and attention to the details.  Here are some tips to get you off on the right foot!

  • Start your planning early so you can send save-the-dates, get a group rate on rooms and flights (if available and necessary), get answers to all your queries, and optimize your chances of getting everything you’re dreaming of.
  • Take full advantage of the resort’s wedding/vow renewal planner. Be super friendly and courteous and turn them into a friend.  Ask plenty of questions, for their suggestions and advice, and be specific in your requests, and you’ll get the ceremony you want.
  • Make sure that the resort has an alternate indoor venue in case rain or strong winds threaten your outdoor ceremony and/or reception.
  • Get the full details on what is and isn’t included in resort packages, prices on extras, and recommended tips for service staff. You should also read all contracts carefully before signing.  That way you won’t be surprised by additional service or resort charges on your final bill.
  • Put some thought into what you want your ceremony to be like.  Since it isn’t a legal ceremony, you are not required to follow any particular script. Make it personal by writing as much or as little of the script as you like. Ask the resort coordinator for a copy of the ceremony they usually use to guide you.
  • Make arrangements to have photos taken.  If you’re thinking of using a resort photographer, ask to see their portfolio and package prices before hiring them. If a member of your party is a good amateur photographer, you might consider having them take your photos, or at least taking a second set as insurance.
  • If you are planning on hiring resort musicians or DJ, ask for music clips and playlists to review before signing any contracts.
  • Opt for simple flats or sandals with your dress is you’re planning a beach ceremony. Your guy will look great in sandals with a light colored suit or casual slacks. You both could even go barefoot if the sand isn’t too warm!
  • Make sure you either pack your favors or send them to the resort ahead of time.  Opt for favors that are non-edible, lightweight, and useful such as pashminas, inexpensive digital cameras, sports watches, or tote bags.
  • Since gifts are not expected for a vow renewal, feel free to let guests know that you don’t expect gifts.
  • If at all possible, meet with the resort officiant before the ceremony to discuss your wishes and any personalization you have prepared.
  • Relax!  Make sure your guests have the itinerary ahead of time and then leave it to them to be where they are supposed to be on time. It’s not your job to play travel coordinator, assign the task to someone else in your party. Your job is to relax and get married (again).
  • Schedule some private “couple time” into your itinerary for the two of you on the day of your ceremony and in the days following. After all, it’s about the two of you as a couple, and you should take time to enjoy your honeymoon!
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  1. Larry October 18, 2014 at 4:13 am - Reply

    Do you have any additional thoughts on preparations for a urban vow renewal without guests?

    • Karie October 20, 2014 at 7:07 pm - Reply

      An urban vow renewal for two can be quite romantic and delightful! Pick a spot that you find particularly beautiful or holds significance in your relationship to have the ceremony. Feel free to dress to the nines in a long gown and tuxedo or go simple with a short dress and suit. Hire a single violinist to provide music to make the moment all the more intimate. Write your own vows and/or speak them from the heart. Follow up the ceremony with a quick dance to music provided by the violinist and then go to your favorite restaurant for an elaborate meal for two. Wrap up the evening by staying in a luxurious hotel where you have had champagne and strawberries delivered to the room and roses petals sprinkled on bed. Complete your celebration with breakfast delivered by room service!

      You might also hire a photographer to capture this special moment for you. Since you will have no guests, the photographer will be free to take some truly memorable shots of you and the ceremony.

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