You need answers before booking a venue!

So the travel bug has captured your heartstrings, and you’re thinking about having a destination vow renewal. Are you sure that’s the right type of vow renewal for you? We’re not just talking about exotic islands and far away lands. A destination vow renewal is considered as one held anywhere other than where you live. While they can be very romantic, they can also be challenging to plan. Hands down, the most challenging thing about planning a destination vow renewal is having to make decisions about venues, vendors, and services you aren’t familiar with. If you’re planning on inviting quite a few guests, these decisions can involve quite a lot of money.

Before you start planning your vow renewal, you’ll want to research the destination thoroughly. Here are the six questions you need to be answered before making a final decision on your destination.

Is it difficult to get to?

You need to know how many planes, trains, boats, and automobiles you will need to take to get to the destination and how long it will take. Some places are only available by boat, a boat that only leaves a few times a day or perhaps even once a day. So even if the plane ride is reasonable, getting there can be way more complicated than you may have thought initially. Do your homework and make sure you know all about the logistics.

What are the travel costs typically like when you’d like to go?

Airfare can be three to four times more expensive during peak travel times to specific destinations. If you have Caribbean dreams, you might want to pick a time other than the period between Christmas and Easter when prices skyrocket.  Chances are you can go to the same place any other time of the year and save a bundle of money!

Is a passport required?

Not everyone you’d like to include in your vow renewal probably has a passport. Getting one takes time, and even getting one can be a big issue for some people. If you’re planning on inviting people that don’t regularly travel outside the country, picking a destination that requires a passport might mean some people who are important to you won’t be in attendance.

Are there any travel restrictions?

The world is in a constant state of flux, so you need to check current health and security advisories for the destination you’re thinking about. There’s nothing worse than making big plans and finding out there are significant issues with the destination you had your heart set on.

Does the destination use US currency?

If the destination you want to have your vow renewal at uses US currency, budgeting can be pretty straightforward. If not, things can get complicated fast. Exchange rates can vary pretty significantly over 6-18 months, which can have a significant impact on your budget.

What are the accommodation options at the destination?

Is there only one option for lodging, or are there several? While you may opt to stay at a luxurious resort venue, some of your guests might prefer to go with a less expensive option. Having options in a variety of price ranges gives guests the ability to enjoy a more extended trip or travel on a smaller budget trip to the destination.  Be sure that your destination offers a variety of hotel options nearby.

Getting your answers

Be sure to check out sites like Expedia, TripAdvisor, Google, and others to see what other couples and tourists have to stay about the destination, accommodations, attractions, and venues. The photos on a resort or hotel’s website can be deceiving. Beautiful pictures don’t always equal a fabulous experience. Reading both positive and negative reviews will help you understand what to expect.  If there is a particular concern that would be an issue for your vow renewal, be sure to ask the venue about it. You will also want to ask about any specific complaints that make you feel uneasy to find out if the problem has been resolved.

Once you’ve made sure that you’ve thoroughly researched your vow renewal destination to make sure it offers everything you’re looking for, you can feel confident in making commitments and signing vendor contracts.