Destination vow renewals sound like the ultimate dream. Just imagine jetting off and having someone else handle most of your vow renewal planning. Creating that dream, in reality, requires some different cost considerations that a local vow renewal. Just don’t let your dream be interrupted by underestimating the costs. You can have your gorgeous, fun destination vow renewal and keep it on budget, be it big or small, by keeping in mind the following points.

Destination Vow RenewalGetting There

Take the time to do your research on rates and flight options. Get started by asking airlines about peak travel seasons to each destination you’re considering. To save money, consider choosing your vow renewal date off peak. Many airlines offer group travel rates for groups of ten or more traveling to the same destination. Save by booking together as a group! If you’re paying for everyone’s travel, this can net you considerable cost savings. If everyone is paying their own way, save by booking together as a group!

Hot Tip: Some airlines can provide an insert for your save-the-dates that explains this discount.

Note: Good etiquette days the couple is responsible for providing transportation from the airport to the resort or hotel where guests will be staying. Check with the transportation vendors to see if there are also discounts for groups your size when booking together.

A Place to Stay and Have Your Party

Combining your vow renewal and a second honeymoon is a popular option at all-inclusive resorts. You may find some resorts that offer a free vow renewal package when you book a certain number of nights there. The free package tends to be designed for a limited number of guests with minimal features, so if you’re not satisfied with the package, inquire about other packages and upgrades. Remember, the resort wants your business, so don’t be afraid to ask them to cater to your style and needs. In addition to resorts, boutique hotels frequently offer vow renewal packages and resources. Packages tend to be cheaper than hiring individual local planners and vendors, so try to find a package that suits your needs as closely as possible.

Hot Tips: The more you require of the resort or hotel, the greater negotiating power you’ll have so be sure if you’re hosting multiple events to do them at the same location. If guests are paying their own way, do your research and present guests with a few cost-effective options. One thing to check is if there are nearby affordable villas or apartments for rent that would allow guests to share rental costs.

Controlling Costs

If money is no object, bring your photographer, florist, and planner, and so forth. However, if sticking to your budget is an issue, relax! There are nearly as many small ways to cut costs at a destination vow renewal and one held locally.

  • For remote locations, see if you bring your own champagne to be served at the event; the more remote locations, the higher the price of alcohol typically.
  • Take advantage of local, seasonal flowers and beautiful natural surroundings when planning decorations.
  • Create your own music playlist either on CDs or iPod and use a sound system instead of a DJ or live band.
  • Host a buffet of local specialties instead of a sit-down meal.

Final Thoughts

Remember, everyone’s dream is different, thus making it a reality can result in extreme budget variations. Planning a destination vow renewal can be the perfect option for you if you keep these points in mind and the point of your ceremony always at the forefront of your mind when making planning decisions.