Like everything in life, a destination vow renewal has both pros and cons. Here are the top five advantages and two disadvantages to help you decide if a destination vow renewal is right for the two of you.


Location. This is your chance to throw a party in an exotic locale. If you’ve always dreamed of saying “I do still” against a backdrop of crystal blue waters or a beautiful sunset over the ocean, this is your opportunity.

Cost. Many resorts offer discounts for couples who have a vow renewal with them and stay for the week on a second honeymoon. Cruise lines, hotels, and resorts in popular destinations typically offer all-inclusive vow renewal packages in a variety of budget ranges, which simplify planning and lower costs.

Guest List. The farther away you go for your vow renewal, the shorter the guest list is likely to be. This makes for a more intimate celebration and allows you to spend your time and money on the people who are the most important to you. Plus, a destination vow renewal decreases the likelihood of unwanted guests showing up!

Less Stress. Unless you’re a control freak, most of the stress associated with planning will fall on the on-site coordinator instead of you. (If you’re a control freak, a destination vow renewal isn’t for you!) Your coordinator will manage most of the vendors for you once you have selected them. Selecting and communicating with vendors using the Internet and email is easy. Plus, you can usually communicate with your coordinator as often as you like.

All in One. When you opt for a destination vow renewal, you’re wrapping up your vow renewal and second honeymoon into one neat package. Plan once, pack one, and travel once!


Guests. Some people that you wish could attend your vow renewal won’t be able to make it. For some, it will be too costly to attend. Others may simply be unable to travel even though they would love to come (i.e., your daughter with a new baby or elderly parents).

Less Control. You’ll have to accept being reliant on your coordinator’s expertise, vendor connections, and discretion. This can be a nightmare if you’re accustomed to being in control or are very detail-oriented.