The temptation to plan your vow renewal at a favorite or exotic destination is something that crosses most couple’s minds at least once. There’s something uniquely enticing, perhaps even magical about the idea of renewing your vows somewhere other than the place you call home. Couples often look to a location that they’d like to vacation, whether it’s in the mountains, on a beach, in a different country, even on a remote island.

If you’re getting serious about considering planning a destination vow renewal, there are a few things you should take into consideration and some key factors you need to know about before deciding to say “I Do Still” in a place that will require travel, and maybe even a passport. Here are the top nine things to know before planning a destination vow renewal.

Pick the Location That Best Suits You

Some people will tell you a destination vow renewal is not a good idea. Others will be thrilled about the idea. In the end, plan the kind of vow renewal that suits the two of you best.

A Passport May Be Required

If you’re renewing your vows out of the country, you and your guests may need a passport.  Be sure to give guests advanced notice, in case any of them need to get a passport.

It Can Get Expensive

If your interest in a destination vow renewal is savings, be warned. Destination vow renewal costs can add up quickly, especially if you’re planning to go to another country or a very remote area and have much of a guest list.

Finding Great Vendors Can Be Challenging

Unless your venue provides a vetted vendor list to ensure quality, finding great vendors may be challenging since you’re a local. Hiring a local event planner can help solve the problem.

It Can Be Very Stressful

Unlike a vow renewal held at a local venue, you can’t just get in the car and visit it whenever you like. Planning a special event from afar can get stressful fast if you’re someone who likes to be in control of all the details.

You’ll May Want to Visit First

Planning such a special celebration somewhere you’ve never been might be a little too nerve-wracking for you. Making a visit first is a good excuse to take a vacation, but it does all a lot of extra expense. Plus, if you’re planning on having a large guest list, you may find that one trip to the destination isn’t enough adding even more expense to your vow renewal.

You May Have a Very Small Guest List

Let’s be honest, not everyone you love will be able or willing to travel for your vow renewal. Make sure you both feel ok with only having a few close family or friends in attendance.

You’ll Need More Than a Carry-on

When traveling for your vow renewal, you’ll need to plan on traveling with a few extra suitcases! From extra attire and accessories to decor and souvenirs, you’ll need a way to get everything to and from your destination. Make sure to budget for the extra luggage!

There Are Ways to Include Everyone

If important guests can’t make it to your vow renewal, you can use technology (FaceTime, Skype, etc.) to share the ceremony and parts of other activities.

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