Destination Vow Renewal

What You Need to Know to Make Your Destination Vow Renewal Dreams Come True

While a destination vow renewal can be a wonderful way to combine your vow renewal and second honeymoon all in one get-a-way, you should know that there are a few things that most of the promotional brochures and web pages don’t tell you about how it all really works. You might even find some of these things more than a little surprising and even budget busting. So before you fall in love with a particular destination and start making plans, check out this list of the top 5 things you need to know about planning your destination vow renewal.

  1. Privacy – The brochures always show these amazing private ceremony and reception spaces, but in reality, they are often spaces open to viewing and/or foot traffic by the public. If you don’t want strangers wandering through your ceremony and reception spaces, a destination vow renewal may not be for you. Be sure to get the full details on the spaces from the destination’s coordinator.
  2. Locations – The locations you see in a destination’s brochures or on their website may be unavailable to you for a vow renewal. Destination packages tend to be designed for weddings and/or large groups as several destination coordinators explained so they generally ask that you plan your vow renewal event for one of their “other” spaces.
  3. Dates and Times – Preferred days and times may be unavailable to you if the size of your guest list doesn’t fall within the range listed on the destination’s smallest package. This is important to think about as the sunset vow renewal on the beach you are dreaming of may not be available to you at a destination resort or hotel– be sure to check with the coordinator at your desired destination for the full details.
  4. Package Details – Most destination coordinators provide perspective vow renewal clients with their wedding package information, which tends not quite to meet your unique vow renewal needs. It would appear that most destinations haven’t quite figured out that a vow renewal isn’t just like a wedding. Tip: Keep your eye open for destinations that offer multiple vow renewal packages to optimize your destination vow renewal experience.
  5. Price – At first glance, many destination vow renewals look like a fantastic option for the listed price, but beware of the cost of added extras. Flights, food, room rates, reception options, floral upgrades and alcohol beverage service options can add a shocking additional cost to the price. We were surprised to find that a destination vow renewal for two and one for eight guests might cost the same at a given location. We suggest getting a full detailed quote with all of your desired details worked out from your desired destination before making a deposit.

Our best tip is to be sure to ask lots of questions of the coordinator, get all of the details in writing, and read the fine print before making your deposit. And remember, flexibility is going to be key for having a great destination vow renewal experience from getting a great space for beautiful pictures to having it at the time of day you want to doing it all within a price tag that works for you.