Save Money on Your Vow RenewalSaving money on your vow renewal doesn’t have to mean painful sacrificing.  You can have a wonderful day on a budget you can live with by keeping a few simple money saving tips in mind.

  1. Simplify Your Stationery
    Unless you’re planning a super formal vow renewal, simplify your stationery and DIY the simple pieces.  Save-the-dates are an easy DIY project or you can even send them via email! Pick up a card kit or some paper and envelopes you love from your local office supply store and let your creativity flow.  For a casual vow renewal, you can also use these same materials to design your invitations.  Not only will you save tons of money, you can also send out a truly personal message. Even if you want to order your invitations, you can save by skipping those blank pieces of paper that go inside many invitations. This will help you have on both the materials and postage, plus it’s more earth-friendly.  Take advantage of technology and create a vow renewal website where guests can RSVP and you can provide directions, lodging info, and other details for guests.
  2. Something Old
    Accessorizing your gown doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Check your own jewelry box or that of your mother or grandmother to find classic pearls, diamonds earrings, or family heirloom pieces that can add a special touch. You might even already own the perfect pair of high heels to compliment your dress.  Remember, even when wearing a white dress, you can personalize your look with colored shoes that match your color theme.
  3. Sales Rack and Second Hand
    While you want to look perfect, it doesn’t have to come at an outrageous price. Check the sales rack of your local bridal boutiques or better department stores during prom or the holiday season for bargains.  You  can also look for a gently used gown online in your local Craigslist listings, eBay, or shops like and
  4. Have a Friend Officiate
    Unlike a wedding, a vow renewal doesn’t require a legal officiant.  You can really keep your budget down by asking a friend or family member to conduct the ceremony.
  5. Stick to Signature Drinks
    Keep your bar costs under control  by sticking to a couple signature drinks. Pick drinks that coordinate with your vow renewal theme, location, or are your personal favorites.
  6. Minimize the Menu
    Keep it simple and stick with popular items like chicken, pasta, or beef or go family style with turkey and ham. If food is really important to you, then go ahead and splurge on your menu and serve duos like a crab cake and small filet or have a buffet with limited quantities of your special items. Remember, the more options you have, the more wasted food you will end up paying for.
  7. Go With Local Talent and Vendors
    Rock your reception with local entertainment. College musicians, local tribute bands, and DJs are great options.  Plus, you don’t really need that big city baker, your local bakery can most likely produce the same cake for a fraction of the cost.

Remember, if you save money on the things that are least important to you, you will barely notice where you made cutbacks and compromises!