Unique and Budget Conscious IdeasThe pages of gossip and bridal magazines at the grocery store checkout are filled with news and photos from celebrity weddings and vow renewals.  Oh, if we all just had their budgets!  Even if you are on a tight budget, you can include some of their fabulous touches. Here are a few great ways to pull off celebrity-inspired details using a little creativity.

Grand Venues

Mansions, chateaus, and castles are all the rage.  If this is one of your dreams,  consider an off-peak wedding month or at least day.

Couture Attire

Can’t afford custom made designer attire?  Hire a local seamstress to create something uniquely yours by pairing a standard pattern with designer inspired details.  Make the groom look fabulous by splurging on a designer tie or custom made shirt from a local tailor.

If you want elegant sophistication, you might also consider DIY’ing it.  Start with a really simple strapless gown and add a shrug in fabulous lace.  Or opt for a simple flowing gown and make it dazzling by pairing it with sparkling accessories like an over-sized rhinestone bracelet or substantial necklace or chandelier earrings. You can also add beautiful organza fabric flowers to the neckline for a stunning, sophisticated look. Check your local vintage boutiques, consignment stores, and even thrift stores for designer pieces and beautiful costume jewelry and accessories.

Gourmet Cake Flavors

Cake filled with unique fillings like Key lime,  blood orange, Chambord, Lemoncello, chocolate mousse, raspberry truffle,  caramel, and pistachio filling are all the rage. If you want the gourmet experience without the major budget shock, order or make several smaller dessert cakes or cupcakes with a variety of these fillings or order the cake of your dreams for half the number of guests and serve half-servings of it. A dessert buffet is a wonderful and less expensive way to enjoy some of the more unique flavors and decadent textures.

Family-Style Dinner

Family-style dinners where guests are seated at large long tables and served menu selections on large platters and in large bowls so guests can help themselves to the options they wish to eat are all the rage among the rich and famous. Serving your meal family-style gives you the opportunity to showcase a variety of favorite recipes, helps eliminate unnecessary food waste, allows guests to eat as much or little as they like, and ultimately saves you money over both buffets and plated dinners.