Vow Renewal Budget Busters to AvoidYou’ve set the budget, picked the date, and have dug into planning your vow renewal. In no time, the dollar signs start to pile up, and your budget appears to be disappearing before your eyes, Here are a few things that will slow up that disappearing act if you avoid them!

Budget Busters to Avoid

Vow Renewal Budget Busters to AvoidExpensive save-the-dates – Remember, these are just a save-the-date, not your actual invitations! Show off your creativity and make them yourself. You have several options including using a card kit from your local office supply or craft store, printing free ones from the web, designing your own from scratch, or even emailing them if your guests are email savvy. Since these will give your guests their first glimpse of your vow renewal theme or style, try to coordinate them if possible. For example, if you have a black and white theme, do the save-the-date in only black and white.

Super formal invitations – Unless you have an ultra formal vow renewal, you don’t need invitations with all kinds of layers of envelopes and includes. All that extra paper carries a significant extra cost, plus a lot of extra postage expense. Make you invites more eco-friendly and leave extra details for sending out by email or posting on a website.

Overdone seating – When it comes to seating, compare the cost of a little nicer chair versus one that needs a cover. Chair covers can be quite expensive, costing you anywhere from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars depending on the number of guests and the cover you select. If you can’t live without a little extra detailing on your chairs, consider going with a chair sash in your colors.

Bar none – The cost of an open bar can add up quick. Take control by limiting options. One great option is to only offer a couple of signature drinks for guests to choose from. Another option is to only offer a couple select wines and beer. You can also skip the premium labels and go with less expensive brands. If you and your spouse do not drink alcohol, you can skip the bar altogether.

Menu mania – You’re having a vow renewal, not hosting a restaurant opening so feel free to put limits on your menu. While your caterer or venue may try to talk you into offering three of more menu selections including pasta, fish, chicken, and beef, it’s totally unnecessary. A great option is to serve smaller duos, like a classic surf and turf or chicken and pasta. Less traditional options like turkey, pork loin, and ham can also offer nice cost savings. If you really can’t decide, a buffet rather than a plated dinner may be a better option for you.

More than a favor – If you get to the end of planning the major pieces of your vow renewal and the budget is at the bursting point, forgo the favors. Most guests won’t even miss them, no matter how elaborate you might have imagined them. If you absolutely must have something, consider going with a candy bar filled with colorful, but inexpensive candies and little cellophane bags or tiny Chinese takeout boxes for your guests to fill with their favorites.