You can absolutely have a beautiful vow renewal cake on a budget if you take advantage of a few of our cost cutting tips. So make way for the budget conscious, glamorous cake of your dreams!

  1. 11 Ways to Save Money on Your CakeStick with the traditional round shape – Squares, hexagons, and hearts are all the range, but since they are more difficult to build and frost, they are most expensive. Traditional, round layers are endlessly classic and easier for your bakers to do.
  2. Have a small “display” cake – If you’re having a large vow renewal, go with a smaller display cake and then use additional sheet cakes to serve the majority of your guests.
  3. Buttercream perfection – Forgo the pricey rolled fondant and have your cakes decorated with buttercream or other fluffy frosting. Not only will you save money, but buttercream is better tasting than fondant!
  4. Smart decorating – Using silk or organic fresh flowers is just as beautiful and far more cost effective than gum-paste or other sugar flowers. Go with minimalism and accent your cake with a ribbon wrapped around the bottom of each layer (hold in place with double stick tape). Opt for a traditional bride-and-groom or other cake topper purchased from your local craft store or even Walmart. Just have to have fondant? Stick with three simple, stacked tiers iced in smooth rolled fondant and then be dress it up yourself.
  5. Spread it out – Skip the big tiered cake for some identically decorated layers all placed at varying heights on the table.
  6. Something for everyone -Can’t decide on a single flavor? Opt for a dessert table filled with several smaller cakes with different flavors and fillings. Decorate them all the same of differently if you like!
  7. Shop around – Check with your local grocery stores in their bakery departments to see what custom cake options they offer. See if your caterer works as a baker too or if your venue has a pastry chef on staff (you might be able to avoid cake-cutting fees, service fees, additional tips, and delivery costs). Check with friends, neighbors, or family members to see if someone can make the cake you want and see what they will charge you to make it.
  8. Bake your own! – If you’re a great baker yourself, there is no reason you can’t make your own cake. You can test out recipes on your family ahead of time until you find the perfect one.
  9. Follow the cupcake trend – Either make or order a single top tier and bake a bunch of cupcakes to serve to your guests. Some cupcake towers allow you to place the single tier on top and fill the lower layers with your cupcakes. This is also a great way to have multiple flavors of cakes and frosting!
  10. Stage it – Dressing up your cake table with tulle, rose petals, printed fabric, or flowers can make a simple cake look incredible. For an extra touch, add ribbon or silk flowers in your wedding colors to your cake knife and server.
  11. Beware of extra fees – Check with the reception site to see if there is a cake-cutting fee if you bring in a cake instead of order one from them. If you’re using an outside bakery, ask for their delivery and set up fees.