Vow Renewal Fashion and Beauty Tips for Women

Everyone wants to look fabulous for their vow renewal. After all, saying “I do still” to your spouse can be even more intimate than the “I do” at your wedding. So deciding what you want to wear and how you want your makeup to look can be a big decision. Do you want to have a formal vow renewal and rock a sophisticated dress, a small private ceremony at your favorite restaurant wearing a chic short dress, or are you thinking of a romantic celebration at the beach with a soft, flowing dress? And when it comes to makeup, you’ll want to look your best and match the style of your attire. Get started making plans with these tips.

What’s Your Style? Deciding on Your Vow Renewal Fashion

Find out what type of dress will suit your vow renewal style. You’ll want to start by selecting fabric that’s appropriate for your vow renewal’s degree of formality (satin is perfect for a more formal celebration; organza is perfect for a more casual event). There are no rules about color for a vow renewal dress. Feel free to pick your favorite color or a classic white or ivory. Your next consideration is the general style the best compliments your figure. For most ladies, this will mean comparing what’s in your closet with the silhouettes available from the dress shops. This is a very good time to try on a gown with a figure-hugging silhouette. For a modern, floor-length look, try on gowns with a trumpet, mermaid, or dropped-waist. Still dreaming of wearing the big, poufy ball gown of princess dreams? Go for it! Just make sure it compliments the overall style of your celebration. Short dresses are another great option for your vow renewal fashion. A short dress can be very chic and sophisticated and doesn’t feel quite as bridal, especially if you wore the big ball gown or full A-line skirt for your wedding. Try on a few knee-length dresses with trim pencil skirts or great retro style dresses with full skirts, and look for details like sleeves if you want to cover your arms or a scoop or v neckline to flatter your decollete. Looking for something a little more mature? Try a chic suit for a polished look. Paired with a fitted white dress, a short jacket or dress length coat is a great option for making a signature vow renewal look. As a bonus, these fabulous jackets can be worn again. Just pair it with your favorite black slacks and a fabulous brooch for the perfect cocktail party outfit. Ultimately, you need to select the dress that makes you feel utterly amazing!

Your Vow Renewal Accessories – Let’s Talk Jewels

Selecting the Perfect Accent Pieces for Your Vow Renewal Look The rules for selecting your vow renewal accessories is similar to choosing your dress, keep the style in line with the style of your celebration. And in line with your dress. The more detailed your dress, the less jewelry you’ll want to accent it with and vice versa. Overall, keep it simple and opt for a few favorite pieces. You can’t go wrong with diamond earrings! A delicate necklace, sparkling bracelet, stunning brooch, or elegant dangling earrings will add sparkle without going over the top. It’s always good to go with the old rule of thumb, put on all of the pieces you think you want to wear and then take one off for the perfect look.

Makeup Lessons for Vow Renewal Beauty

Tips for a Picture Perfect Face

Your Skin – Creating a Great Canvas

The key to great makeup is starting with great skin. If your skin has become a bit dull and discolored over the years, now if a great time to give it some much-needed attention. You can opt to get started with any of the great facial scrubs, masks, anti-aging product, etc. You can also opt for professional monthly glycolic peels with your dermatologist starting about six months before your vow renewal. They only take about 10 minutes a treatment and typically run about $200 each. If you prefer, you can alternatively use a glycolic treatment at home, available from places like Sephora, Target, and even Avon. These products focus on clearing your pores, making them look smaller, accelerate cellular regeneration, and refine your skin. Most importantly, don’t try any new skincare routines immediately before your vow renewal to avoid a bad reaction or irritation.

Laying a Great Base with the Right Foundation

You can create a great base for your make by starting with a good primer to even out your skin’s texture and add a layer of moisture to help your foundation stay on. Follow up with a liquid foundation to create a healthy glow, but not one that is overly dewy. It’s best to use your fingertips to apply liquid foundation since the heat from them will help the liquid go on smoothly, instead of streaky as is often the issue with a makeup sponge. However, you can use a damp makeup sponge to blend and help remove excess makeup if needed. For this occasion, you’ll want to stay away from using a powder foundation since it tends to cake up and settle into wrinkles, making them appear more pronounced.

Keep Their Attention with Beautiful Eyes

Your eyes have been said to be the windows to your soul. On such an intimate, special occasion, you’ll want to make them the focal point of your makeup. Start by making your eyes stand out with light, natural shades of eye shadow in your favorite shade and accent with a touch of champagne-colored shimmer shadow right under your brow and in the inner corners of your eyes. Follow up with a precisely drawn line of eyeliner to help you look wide-awake, even if your eyes inevitably droop a bit as the day grows long. Hot tip: extending your liner a tiny bit beyond your eye and then use a wet cotton swab to pull up these ends to make your eyes appear wide-open. Finish off your look by curling your lashes and then apply a couple of coats of mascara. Note: It’s best to skip the glittery eye shadow since it always looks greasy in photos.

Creating a Healthy Glow

A key element of beautiful makeup is creating a healthy glow with a little color on your cheeks. You’ll want to use the same palette for your lips and cheeks to create a faux facelift. Pinks and apricots are lovely for fair skin and deeper shades of berry, plum, or mocha for dark skin. To really get that healthy glow, opt for a blush with subtle gold flecks to create a bit of shimmer to reflect light. Use a light hand with your blush to create a just the right amount of sparkle.

Finish off with Kissable Lips

For gorgeous, kissable lips, stick with lip shades that match your blush (pink or peach for fair skin or sheer berry, plum, or mocha for dark skin). Head to the makeup counter and test out a few shades to find the perfect match for your skin and vow renewal style. Hot tips: darker shades tend to make you look older, metallic shades and shiny types like lip glosses may make your lips look thinner, matte types look best in photos.

Putting it All Together

Once you think you’ve made all of your decisions about what you want to wear and how you want your makeup to look, we recommend taking it for a test run. Do your hair and makeup in the style and manner you anticipate doing on the day of your vow renewal and slip on the dress. Check your look in natural and artificial lighting. Have a friend or your spouse take a few quick photos so you can see how it all looks for yourself in photos. Everything look perfect? Congratulations! Not loving an element or two?

  • Makeup not working for you? Try going with a lighter shade of blush or lipstick if it’s your makeup you’re not delighted with.
  • Jewelry not perfect? Switch it up – change from gold to silver, remove some, add some, try colored jewels. Tweak and until you feel perfect.
  • Dress not fitting quite like it did when you bought it, try different foundation garments. The right bra, shapewear, and pantyhose (or not) can make all the difference.

Now test again! Take a few more pictures in different lighting. Everything look perfect now? Congratulations, you’re ready for your big day! Now you can relax knowing that you will look fabulous for your vow renewal.

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