You were on your best behavior for the ceremony, so go ahead and get crazy at the reception. Relive those rowdy frat party days!  Nothing drives hosts crazier than loud, drunk guest who dominate the party and do their best to pick a fight with other guests. Here are the top 5 ways to drive your hosts crazy:

1. Eat Before Everyone Else is Seated
Don’t bother to wait for the couple to be served,or even the other people at your table, just jump in there and chow down. While you’re at it, why not get the first slice of that huge cake?

Drive your hosts crazy at the reception2. Drink Until the Room Spins
Get your share of the free booze before the good stuff is gone!  Surely the “cocktail hour” means you should drink as much as you can for a solid hour straight. And don’t forget to keep your buzz going strong for the rest of the night.  Maybe you can wind up the night by passing out on the dance floor or puking all over the cake table.

3. Make a Drunken Toast to the Couple
Now’s your chance to try out your new stand-up routine in front of a live audience.  Regale the other guests with off color stories about your trip to the strip club in college with the husband. Or perhaps how hot you think the wife is. Or even better, how you think they should be getting divorced instead of celebrating a milestone anniversary.

4. Monopolize the Dance Floor
Dancing with the Stars has nothing on you and now’s your chance to show the world your hot moves.  Cut in on the husband and show him how a real man leads a woman around the dance floor.

5. Get Your Freak On
You’ve always wanted a date with the husband’s hot best friend, so now’s your chance to seduce him on the dance floor.  Back that thing up girl!  Surely you can close the deal with some hot grinding.  Never mind that troupe of small children behind you.

All jokes aside, good behavior isn’t just for the ceremony.  Keep it clean and sober so everyone has a good time!

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