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Do we have to serve a full meal at our reception?

Dessert Buffet for a Vow Renewal ReceptionQ. We are working with a limited budget, but still want to have a nice reception with dancing. Do we have to serve a full meal at our reception? 

A. Absolutely not! Simply schedule your reception to begin at a time when a full meal would not be expected to be served, such as 2pm or 8pm. This will open your options up to serving lite hors d’oeuvres and cake for more of a cocktail party feeling late in the evening or finger sandwiches and sweets for an afternoon reception. You might want to make note that you’re having a cocktail or dessert reception on the invitations, so guests know what to expect and can plan to eat ahead of time. Keep in mind that if you opt for an evening cocktail reception, that you do need a nice balance of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and hors d’oeuvres in order to keep guests dancing the night away! Alcohol is completely optional for an afternoon reception regardless if you are planning on dancing or not.

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