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Traditions & Etiquette

Traditions & Etiquette

Who Renews Their Wedding Vows?

Who renews their vows

Renewing Your Wedding Vows is for Every Couple! You hear about celebrities renewing their vows in the media quite frequently these days, but who else is renewing their wedding vows? The honest answer is pretty much everyone from 18 to 100+ in terms of general demographics. Let’s take a look at the general groups: Couples who eloped –whatever their reason ... Read More »

Vow Renewals – Everything You Need to Know

Vow Renewal Rules

What, Why, Where, When, Who, How.  Rules? Just a Couple Please! A vow renewal is your opportunity to reaffirm your love for each other and celebrate in whatever fashion you desire. Traditional wedding etiquette doesn’t apply – this is a vow renewal. The only rules you are concerned with are simply about good manners. You can commemorate this special occasion ... Read More »

Guest Favors Etiquette

Guest favors are not required for vow renewal, but like with any formal party, they are a nice way to thank your guests for coming to share your special day. One thing to keep in mind is that while they are not required, some guests may expect them since they are a tradition at weddings and they may apply the ... Read More »

What’s an appropriate amount to give the officiant who will be performing our vow renewal ceremony?

Simple Vows for Your Vow Renewal Ceremony

Q. What’s an appropriate amount to give the officiant who will be performing our vow renewal ceremony? A. Your officiant’s fee will probably be set by them unless perhaps, if you have a relationship with them already through your house of worship. You should contact your church or synagogue’s secretary to inquire about what is commonly offered or if the ... Read More »

How to Word Formal Vow Renewal Invitations

While vow renewals don’t carry a lot of formal rules themselves, when hosting a formal event there are some etiquette basics that are appropriate to follow. In accordance with long-standing traditions for formal events (black tie), the following etiquette guidelines would apply to the wording of formal vow renewal invitations. Read More »