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Candy Buffet Table 101

A candy buffet table can be a delightful feature at your reception. It can act as part of dessert or guest favors. It’s all about adding a little fun, color, and variety to your vow renewal. If you’re wondering how much candy you will need for your candy buffet, a good rule of thumb is to allow for ½ cup (4 oz) per guest.

Candy Buffet Table for Vow Renewal Reception

Photo by Corey Ann


  • Select candies that match your color scheme.
  • Create depth and height in your display by either using varying heights of containers or create risers with fabric covered boxes or books.
  • Accent containers with coordinating trims and details including the linens, ribbons, and paper.
  • Buy more popular candies in bulk and put them in large containers for visual effect.

Candy and Treats

  • Monochromatic palettes featuring different hues and shades can be very elegant.  Bright combinations create energy and playfulness.
  • If the weather is going to be warm, stick to hard candies and skip those that could easily melt like chocolates and caramels.
  • Include other sweets and treats such as seasonal fruits, mini cookies, candied popcorn, and nuts.

Creative Touches

  • Display candies in creative ways such as arranging large lollipops like a bouquet of flowers.
  • Select a flavor or texture theme such as all mint flavored candies or all gummy candies.
  • Supply fun containers for guests to put their treats in such as mini Chinese takeout containers or little cellophane bags.

Containers and Supplies

  • Use creative containers to display your candies in. While apothecary jars are the trend, vases are a nice, less expensive, and easier to find alternative. For a more casual look, try small pails and baskets. Cookies and fruits can be places on cake stands, flat platters, and other serving pieces.
  • Don’t forget to give guests a way to get the treats from the display containers to their take away containers. Scoops, spoons, tongs, and other utensils are essential.

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