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Should You Notify Guests That You Won’t Serve Alcohol?

No alcohol vow renewal - lemonade bar

Q. We’re planning a vow renewal celebration for the whole family and plan not to serve alcohol since there will be children present. Should we notify guests that you won’t serve alcohol? A. You don’t have to notify your guests that you won’t be serving alcohol at your vow renewal. Invitees are attending the event to celebrate your the marriage …

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Candy Buffet Table 101

Candy Buffet Table for Vow Renewal Reception

A candy buffet table can be a delightful feature at your reception. It can act as part of dessert or guest favors. It’s all about adding a little fun, color, and variety to your vow renewal. If you’re wondering how much candy you will need for your candy buffet, a good rule of thumb is to allow for ½ cup …

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Top 5 Essentials for an Outdoor Vow Renewal

Planning your vow renewal ceremony and/or reception outdoors requires some special forethought and essentials since nature tends to be extremely unpredictable. Taking special care and precautions will help assure your special day goes off without unneeded stress and issues. 1. A Backup Plan No matter what the weather is usually like for the date you have set, you need a …

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Have a Sober Reception with Exciting Drinks

Serving Alcohol at Vow Renewal Reception

Refreshing alternatives to alcohol that will keep your guests delighted. There are numerous reasons that you may be planning a sober reception, be it simply your preference, costs, venue restrictions, or that you or your close family members or friends don’t drink, either for religious, health, or safety reasons.  Keeping it sober doesn’t have to mean the standard boring beverages …

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Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Vow Renewal Receptions

The two of you feel most at home outdoors, so it should be no surprise that you’ve selected to hold your vow renewal reception outdoors.  When it comes to decorating what Mother Nature has provided, it’s best to focus on special touches that will emphasize that natural beauty and make your guest comfortable. Lighting If you’re planning an evening reception, …

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Personalized Napkins for a Lovely Extra Touch

Personalized Napkins for a Lovely Extra Touch You found the perfect venue, selected amazing centerpieces and place setting, and ordered the perfect cake; top it off with personalized napkins for that lovely extra touch. Personalized napkins serve to remind your guests that this particular party is to celebrate the joy of your lasting love.  Napkins can be personalized with your …

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