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Vow Renewal Planning

Vow Renewal To Do’s: 6-9 Months in Advance

Planning your vow renewal - reception and ceremony

Planning Your Vow Renewal – To Do’s 6-9 Months in Advance The days are flying by as you plan your vow renewal and it’s time to get moving on attire, invites, and food and beverage decisions. Here are the things you need to take care of at this point in your planning: Firm up plans for what the two of you want ...

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Vow Renewal To Do’s: 3-6 Months in Advance

Planning your vow renewal - details and second honeymoon

Planning Your Vow Renewal – To Do’s 3-6 Months in Advance It’s time to get ready to share the news of your vow renewal plans with your guests, finalize your ceremony and reception decisions, and take care of the rest of your big priority items.  Make sure you have everything handled from the 12-24 month and 6-9 months tasks lists done ...

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Vow Renewal To Do’s: 1-3 Months in Advance

Planning your vow renewal

Planning Your Vow Renewal – To Do’s 1-3 Months in Advance The big day is approaching fast!  As the excitement for the big day grows, you’ll want to be sure to stay on track with your to do’s.  Here is are the things that you need to be sure are taken care of at this point: Visit the reception site ...

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Destination Vow Renewals – 5 Things You Need to Know

Destination Vow Renewal

What You Need to Know to Make Your Destination Vow Renewal Dreams Come True While a destination vow renewal can be a wonderful way to combine your vow renewal and second honeymoon all in one get-a-way, you should know that there are a few things that most of the promotional brochures and web pages don’t tell you about how it ...

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Who Renews Their Wedding Vows?

Who renews their vows

Renewing Your Wedding Vows is for Every Couple! You hear about celebrities renewing their vows in the media quite frequently these days, but who else is renewing their wedding vows? The honest answer is pretty much everyone from 18 to 100+ in terms of general demographics. Let’s take a look at the general groups: Couples who eloped –whatever their reason ...

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What special role can terminally ill my father have in our vow renewal?

Special Role for a Father in a Vow Renewal

Q. My father wasn’t present when I got married 20 yrs ago. We are now renewing our vows for our 20th anniversary. What suggestions do you have for the role of the father in this circumstance? I want to make it special, he has terminal cancer. A. I’m so terribly sorry to hear your father has cancer, but it’s wonderful you have ...

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Top 5 Vow Renewal Planning Mistakes + Ways to Avoid them!

Top 5 Vow Renewal Planning Mistakes + Ways to Avoid them!

Plan a Headache-Free Vow Renewal As you start planning your vow renewal, the first thing on your wish list is probably that the day will be perfect – no disasters, no disappointments, no melt downs, and no need for police or emergency services! After all, those are the things wedding bloopers are made of and have no place in your vow renewal. ...

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Winter Vow Renewal Color Ideas

Winter Vow Renewal Colors

Choosing Colors for Your Winter Vow Renewal So, you’ve decided to renew your vows in the winter. Was your selection motivated by cuddling by the warmth of the fire sipping hot chocolate? Or perhaps by the beauty of snow falling softly to the ground? The sparkle and richness of the season catch your eye? Or perhaps it is the fond memories ...

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Ways to Involve Your Children

Include Your Children in Your Vow Renewal Ceremony

Involving Your Children in Your Vow Renewal Ceremony Looking for fresh ideas on ways to include your children in your vow renewal ceremony? Think the sand ceremony is over done? Here are some bright ideas to get you started on finding the perfect way to involve your children in your vow renewal ceremony in a meaningful way. Depending on the ...

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Selecting Your Vow Renewal Cake


When planning your vow renewal, the topic of what kind of cake you want to have at your reception is sure to come up. For many people, the cake is a key element of their reception, particularly if they didn’t have the one of their dreams at their wedding. When selecting your vow renewal cake, you will want to consider ...

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