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Invitation Wording

Vow Renewal Invitation Wording – Parents Hosting Ideas

Vow Renewal Style

To include parents as hosts on the invitation, you could use wording such as: Mr. Michael Alvin Barrett and Mrs. Karie Lynn Boehrns-Barrett, together with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Barrett and Ms. Cynthia Ann Boehrns cordially invite you to attend a renewal of vows at seven o’clock in the evening Grace Church 1001 Smith Avenue Nashville, Tennessee 00001 ... Read More »

Vow Renewal Invitation Wording – Couple or Children Hosting Ideas

Reception Only Wording Ideas for Your Vow Renewal Invitation

Wording for your vow invitations should follow a similar style as for weddings or other formal event invitations.  Here are some samples to help you find the perfect wording for your invitations. Read More »

Sample Invitation Wording for a Destination Vow Renewal


When designing your invitation for a destination vow renewal, the invitation wording should be the same as a traditional wedding invitation essentially, with the exception of the location and travel information. Here are some examples to inspire you. Read More »

Vow Renewal Invitation Wording – Private Ceremony and Celebration With All

If you are opting to have a private vow renewal ceremony with reception for a larger group, you will need to adjust your invitation wording to let your guests know that they are only being invited to the party.  Here is an example to inspire your vow renewal invitation wording: Read More »

Selecting the Perfect Vow Renewal Invitation Wording

Wording Ideas for Your Vow Renewal Invitation

Selecting the perfect vow renewal invitation wording will depend largely on the style of your renewal and who is hosting the event. From the traditional to the informal, these invitation wording examples will give your a good start to designing your invitations. Read More »

Invitation Wording: At Home Vow Renewal

If you’re planning to have your vow renewal at home, you can make it either casual or formal. Here are two samples to help you get the wording right for the location. Read More »

How to Word Formal Vow Renewal Invitations

While vow renewals don’t carry a lot of formal rules themselves, when hosting a formal event there are some etiquette basics that are appropriate to follow. In accordance with long-standing traditions for formal events (black tie), the following etiquette guidelines would apply to the wording of formal vow renewal invitations. Read More »