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Vow Renewal Planning

5 Ways to Incorporate Family Into Your Vow Renewal

Ways to Incorporate Family into Your Vow Renewal

A vow renewal is a celebration of the love and marriage of two people. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the role multiple generations of your family and dear friends have played in supporting you and the positive impact they’ve had on the success of your marriage. No matter whether you’re marking a milestone anniversary, formalizing an elopement, or ...

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9 Romantic Ways to Propose Again – Seasonal Ideas

Vow Renewal Proposal Ideas for Every Season

Love is always in season! Renewing your wedding vows is a wonderful way to out the focus back on romance in your marriage and show your spouse how much she/he means to you after all the years you’ve been together. Sure, you could just ask your spouse if he or she want to renew your vow, but there’s so much more ...

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Top 80’s Songs for Wedding Vow Renewal

80's Vow Renewal Songs

Best 80’s Songs for Your Vow Renewal Ceremony and Reception Create the perfect atmosphere for your vow renewal with the sound of romantic and fun 80’s songs. The 1980s were an incredibly varied decade musically. There’s no doubt these songs were part of the background music to your life in the 80’s – playing in the car on the way ...

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Traditional Processional Music for Your Vow Renewal

Traditional Processional Songs for a Vow Renewal

Finding the perfect traditional processional music for your vow renewal sets the tone for the entire ceremony. The anticipation of your guests is at its height, as everyone awaits for you to make your entrance. The processional music plays as you and your attendants walk down the aisle. Cue the music, open the doors, everyone stand and the processional is ...

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7 Romantic Ways to Propose Again in Public

Public Vow Renewal Proposal Ideas

Feel like standing on top of the tallest building and telling the world how much your love your spouse? Put the spotlight on your marriage by proposing all over again in public. Making a big public vow renewal proposal is the perfect way to kick off your vow renewal plans and give your spouse a new story to tell friends ...

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10 Creative Ways to Propose Again

Creative Vow Renewal Proposal Ideas

Trying to find the perfect way to ask your spouse to renew your vows? Propose again! This is your opportunity to show your creativity and your love for your spouse. Remember that there is no one right way to ask your spouse to renew your vows. Simply speak from your heart during the conversation. If you’re really nervous, you can ...

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7 Ways to Involve Your Children When You Propose Again

Ways to Involve Your Kids in Your Vow Renewal Proposal

Enlist your kids to help create the perfect vow renewal proposal Renewing your wedding vows can be a wonderful family affair. Why not start it off by involving your children when you propose again? Chances are they will be thrilled to help you surprise your spouse with this romantic gesture. Depending on their age, you might need to keep it a secret ...

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Is It Your 25th Wedding Anniversary? Renew Your Vows!

25th Anniversary Vow Renewal Ideas

25th Anniversary Vow Renewal Ideas Congratulations on making it through 25 years together loving and laughing through all the ups, downs, kids, careers, moves, vacations, and general craziness that life has presented you with. A quarter-century together is certainly deserves celebrating! It’s a wonderful idea to mark this special “silver” event with a vow renewal. No sure where to start? ...

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How to Ask Your Spouse to Renew Your Wedding Vows

How to Ask Your Spouse to Renew Your Wedding Vows

It All Starts With Love Couples choose to renew their wedding vows for many reasons – personal and religious. Wedding recommitment ceremonies are not new fad as the media might have you believe and they are popular with couples from many cultures and faiths all over the world. So whether you are celebrating a major wedding anniversary, have dealt with a ...

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6 Romantic Ways to Propose Again

Romantic Vow Renewal Proposal Ideas

Renewing your vows on your mind? Propose again! Perhaps your first proposal wasn’t as perfect as you hoped or maybe you want to surprise your spouse with a really romantic gesture for your anniversary, in honor of the day you met, or even Valentines Day. Kick off your vow renewal plans just like you did your wedding plans, with one ...

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